Testimonial Seven

I have been involved with John Lewis as a client twice and as the builder for 6 of his client's houses. Thus I have experienced working with John Lewis Architects from both sides of the construction process. John has an excellent knowledge of domestic construction gained from his many years experience as an architect and registered builder. He is also a master of maximising the potential of the site in terms of light,space planning and volume manipulation whilst still maintaining a strong architectural integrity to the 3 dimensional form. He achieves all this with-in the constraints of council/statutory restrictions and budget/client requirements.

John is not a 'prima donna' architect and is easy to deal with, as well as being a very good communicator who always keeps you informed during the process of getting a project designed and built. I would have no hesitation in recommending John Lewis Architects to future potential clients.

Tom Maras - T Maras Pty Ltd, Registered builder

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